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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Benefits of Yoga

For people, Yoga is linked with a set of physical postures and exercises that help us to achieve excellence in health and physical wellbeing which is a common perception. Undoubtedly people all over the globe appreciate & respect Yoga and its awareness is ever-growing as a means to good health. What exactly do you benefit […]

Superfoods for Super Skin

Having a balanced diet containing fruits and vegetables is really important for your health – both internal and external. Apart from the health benefits they give your body, they also improve the quality of your hair, nails and skin. Here we talk about some Superfoods which are super for your skin What are Superfoods? Certain […]

How to sleep better? The need for a proper sleep cycle

A human spends 1/3drd of his life sleeping? It’s true! Yet relationship with sleep can be quite complex – some get too much of it, others get too little. What is the perfect sleep? How to get the perfect sleep cycle for the peace of your body and mind.  One thing is for sure – […]

What is Holistic Wellness and Why is it Important? 4 Step Guide

Why do people keep on saying overall wellness is important? Holistic wellness is when a man is mentally, physically and spiritually happy, content and healthy. The current world scenario is marked by stark contradictions and nagging anomalies. While man is hotly chasing excellence and success in every walk of life, the painful reality however is […]