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Antioxidants – The Superpower of Mushrooms

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What are antioxidants? Let me explain to you with an example, know the age-old trick of squeezing lemon on sliced apple from keeping it to turn brown? Vitamin C in the lemon juice protects the layer of the apple from the air so that it doesn’t turn brown. Antioxidants in our bodywork similarly, they protect cells in our body from damage in the same manner.

Free radicals are molecules that are produced in our body when we breathe or eat, these molecules have the ability to Damage our healthy body cells, now as a normal part of aging these cells are damaged and repaired daily throughout our life.  Breathing in smoke, pollution and getting exposed to UV rays increased the number of free radicals in the body hence, destroying more healthy body cells that may cause health problems. These health problems can include chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Seems scary, doesn’t it? This is where antioxidants come to our rescue. Antioxidants are substances that protect our cells from the damage and even aids to repair damaged cells. Even though our body produces antioxidants, we still need more of them through our diet specially now due to drastic climate changes.

We can get antioxidants through fruits, vegetables, and health supplements, but the safest and highest antioxidant producers are – MUSHROOMS!

Mushrooms have a variety of unique benefits, but all mushrooms have one superpower in common – the highly packed amount of antioxidants. By repairing damaged cells in our body, antioxidants help in anti-aging and act as an immune booster.

Mushrooms contain 2 types of antioxidants – ergothioneine and glutathione. However, different species of mushrooms contain different amounts of these two antioxidants. The normal button mushrooms do possess these antioxidants higher than other foods but not more than medicinal mushrooms like Shitake mushroom, Lion’s mane mushroom, Ganoderma mushroom, and Turkey tail mushroom to name a few.

It is for this reason medicinal mushrooms have had a highly respected place in our ancient cultures. Asian, Japanese, and Chinese cultures understood the benefits of mushrooms & included these healthy foods in their daily diet and also used them for medicinal purposes to cure chronic illnesses, boost immunity, and ensure the proper functioning of the digestive system and the heart.

Rooted brings to you superfood nutritional products that are designed to provide Ancient Nutrients in a modern, convenient form to power the body and mind. We strongly believe in the power of natural & plant-based wellness driven by medicinal mushrooms as a solution to most modern-day health challenges.

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