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Benefits of Yoga

For people, Yoga is linked with a set of physical postures and exercises that help us to achieve excellence in health and physical wellbeing which is a common perception. Undoubtedly people all over the globe appreciate & respect Yoga and its awareness is ever-growing as a means to good health. What exactly do you benefit from Yoga?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘union’. It implies man going beyond all his physical and mental attributes and thus being one with the highest cosmic force which is pure bliss.

Today, in 2020 people of diverse faiths and cultures are practicing yogic exercises around the world. UNO celebrates 21st June every year as a Yoga Day worldwide.

United Nations Celebrates 21 June as International Yoga Day

Even though ‘Yoga’ is a buzz word of cult status, its true meaning is still not understood by the majority of the people.

In Ancient times sages evolved the concepts and practices of the Yoga through their persistent pursuits for discovering comprehensive and holistic wellness of human life. The first realization by them was that human life is an organic whole, comprising of varied physical, emotional, and transcendental elements. If all the core elements are sweetly blended into perfect harmony one’s life becomes complete and full of meaning.

For the desire of making one’s life meaningful and complete saints developed their system of yoga through a long process of experimentation such that physical health took the position of primary importance.

Patanjali – An ancient Indian sage who is believed to develop the art of Yoga

Health for the ancient sadhus was not just the absence of diseases, but much more. For them, health implied boundless energy flowing through every cell in their body and creating a tremendous sense of enthusiasm for life. The basic principle of Yoga is one should live up to a hundred years of age and leave his/her mortal body without any suffering.

Benefits of Yoga

Today the health benefits of yoga are being acclaimed and recognised by the highest of modern health authorities.

  1. flexibility and muscle strength
  2. Improves respiration energy and vitality
  3. Balances metabolism and helps weight loss
  4. Cardio and Circulatory health
  5. Helps aid in curing Depression and Anxiety

Athletes and defense force recruits are increasingly being trained in yogic exercises to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

Yoga’s approach is holistic. A person who practices yoga is required to have balanced and healthy food and avoid intoxicants, drugs and junk foods.

Man/Woman is expected to observe moderation and an element of purity in life. This helps in realizing optimal health benefits. Hence, Yoga demands a new lifestyle of moderation and sensibility if one desires sustainable health benefits.

The benefits of yoga are not just physical. It also benefits our minds and emotions. Man today has become materialistic, and have started being haunted by stress and a deep sense of pointlessness. Yoga is far more relevant and beneficial for the modern man.

Those mastered in Yoga, reach level of ultimate self actualization

Yogic practices like Breathing exercises, Pranayamas, and Meditation are intended to open new and great dimensions in human life where one is not only free from tensions and stresses but feels deeply at peace with oneself and larger life around.

The art and science of yoga has realised that the fulfilment of human life can be achieved if the mortal man achieves divine infinity.

Yoga enables humans to reach ultimate transcendence, a phase where all kinds of body and mind limitations are eliminated and a person lives in peace, even in the midst of hustle and bustle of everyday existence.