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Improve your cycling performance with this secret Weapon

The cool breeze hitting your face, beautiful scenery, and the boost of adrenaline you feel while cycling is one of a kind. But it’s no child play. Cycling is a tough sport, one needs strong immunity, mental endurance, and stamina to complete the course every day. Every athlete strives to get an edge over the […]

Mushrooms for your pets

Humans aren’t the only species that can benefit from the magical superpowers of Medicinal mushrooms. Your furry little best friend can get the same powers too! Your pet dogs, cats, rabbits can improve their immune system, joint health, brainpower, and energy with mushroom extracts! In this article, we’ll explain why mushrooms can be a great […]

Benefits of Yoga

For people, Yoga is linked with a set of physical postures and exercises that help us to achieve excellence in health and physical wellbeing which is a common perception. Undoubtedly people all over the globe appreciate & respect Yoga and its awareness is ever-growing as a means to good health. What exactly do you benefit […]

How to sleep better? The need for a proper sleep cycle

A human spends 1/3drd of his life sleeping? It’s true! Yet relationship with sleep can be quite complex – some get too much of it, others get too little. What is the perfect sleep? How to get the perfect sleep cycle for the peace of your body and mind.  One thing is for sure – […]

What is Holistic Wellness and Why is it Important? 4 Step Guide

Why do people keep on saying overall wellness is important? Holistic wellness is when a man is mentally, physically and spiritually happy, content and healthy. The current world scenario is marked by stark contradictions and nagging anomalies. While man is hotly chasing excellence and success in every walk of life, the painful reality however is […]

Quick Home Remedies to pump-up your Immunity

Indian recipes are full of tonics and restoratives, that have the ability to restore health, strength, and well-being, both internally and externally benefiting the body. Neem leaves: I know this first one sounds scary, but trust the ancient Indian ayurvedic tradition. The trick is to take some neem leaves and grind it to make a […]

Why is Immunity Important – Now more than Ever

Everybody has been going around asking people to have immunity-boosting fruits, vegetables, supplements, and drinks. People have been going crazy over ingredients like turmeric, tulsi leaves, lemon, ginger, and mushrooms. But what exactly is immunity? Why is it important? Immunity is the capability of multicellular organisms to resist harmful microorganisms. In laymen’s language, it is […]

Chaga Mushroom –The Golden Mushroom

Chaga mushrooms aren’t the prettiest looking fungi, but this superfood has pretty great health benefits that have made this healthy food very famous worldwide. Even though used for centuries in south Asian and Siberian cultures, the health benefits of Chaga mushrooms are being recognized now by the rest of the world. Of all the medicinal […]

Adaptogens – Secret Weapon against Stress

If your feeling overstressed or burnt-out lately you’re not alone. We all feel stressed at times and gets the best out of us. Feeling exhausted can lead to Fatigue, Anxiety, and Insomnia. This can be due to either mental stress – need to meet a deadline at work or environmental stress – pushing your body […]

The Power of Medicinal Mushrooms for Overall Health and Wellness

medicinal mushrooms

We have a Pandemic going on and there is a state of worry and tension worldwide. People all over the world are searching for immune boosters to prevent from falling ill from the dangerous COVID. There is a vast number of 100% natural remedies that can serve this purpose, like tulsi, neem, turmeric, but at […]