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How to sleep better? The need for a proper sleep cycle

A human spends 1/3drd of his life sleeping? It’s true!

Yet relationship with sleep can be quite complex – some get too much of it, others get too little.

What is the perfect sleep? How to get the perfect sleep cycle for the peace of your body and mind.  One thing is for sure – sleep is of utmost importance, good sleep is needed for body, mind, and spirit.

sleeping was stress free and came naturally in the medieval times

It is only in recent times that sleep has started being a matter of attention and serious concern. Before the dawn of industrial society, sleep was a non-issue. Life was governed and patterned following elementary lifestyles in tune with the then prevailing socio-economic factors.

Man would get up before sunrise, sweat, and work the whole day and by the time it was dark sleep would fold him in its warm and cozy embrace. The next morning, he would get up fully recharged and rejuvenated. Sleep came to him in its natural spontaneity, just like the way he would breathe.

After industrial and technological innovations, however, life started shifting from its old innate harmonies into complexities of modern life. Recent researches show that in prosperous societies sleep disturbances have become hugely pervasive. People are increasingly complaining about Insomnia or the inability to fall asleep.

Dependence on chemical drugs for sleep is sharply on the rise. People don’t feel fresh and energetic when they get up. This affects their work routine and makes them psychological wrecks. Recent researches clearly show that sleep deficiencies or lack of quality sleep tend to take a very heavy toll on human health.

Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, low immunity and all kinds of health problems are essentially sleep related.

Effects of sleep deprivation

Hence the emphasis on proper sleep cycles.

Let us appreciate that our human life is one fully organic unit where sleep is the complement of the waking stage. If we do not take care of our sleep, our daily life would start degenerating.

A good sleeping cycle is an absolutely necessity for healthy living. During sleep, all body parts and functions come to rest and start repairing our tissues and cells which suffered wear and tear during working hours.
Sleep rejuvenates us to meet the challenges of every new day. Besides, mentally we are well charged by the healing embrace which sleep provides. Experts are of the view that all kinds of psychosomatic ailments and disorders are rooted in sleep deficits and loss of quality sleep.

Experts say that a normal adult must sleep for 7 to 9 hours a night. One’s sleep cycle is perfect when sleep occurs within a few minutes of hitting the pillow on time at night.

Sleep should be sound and undisturbed. It is said that the sleep cycle can be divided into 5 parts. Our bodies are naturally tuned with these cycles that complete repair work with regard to our physical and mental faculties.

DO’s for a good sleep cycle:

  • fix and regulate sleeping time and hours
  • Light and early dinner are sleep-friendly.
  • Bed made properly
  • Warm glass of milk, water or tea
  • Room should be free from any sounds and lights
  • Meditation
  • Balanced diet

DON’T’s for a good sleep cycle:

  • No drugs, alcohol, or caffeinated beverages after dinner
  • No late-night television or using phones as they may create excitement and rush of blood.
  • No overthinking, negative thoughts
tips to help you sleep better

The most important aspect of sleep is the state of mind. People prone to stress tensions and other negative traits usually suffer a great deal more when it comes to messed up sleeping schedule. Physical exercise, a balanced diet, and spiritual pursuits like meditation, helps tremendously in soothing the nervous system. It helps in restoring sleep.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote in his memoirs that he would sleep within two minutes of touching his pillow. That was the secret of his super human energies which galvanised the whole nation.

Undoubtedly quality sleep is the cornerstone of life. With effort and awareness, this virtue can be cultivated by one and all. Come check out our 100% natural plant-based products that might help you regulate your sleep without any side effects.