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Improve your cycling performance with this secret Weapon

The cool breeze hitting your face, beautiful scenery, and the boost of adrenaline you feel while cycling is one of a kind. But it’s no child play. Cycling is a tough sport, one needs strong immunity, mental endurance, and stamina to complete the course every day.

Every athlete strives to get an edge over the others. Your diet is the easiest way to improve the health & athletic performance of the individual. What the athlete consumes affects the immune system, inflammatory response, the ability to recover quickly and train harder, and how mentally sharp he/she feels.

All of us consume a diet of fruit, vegetables, nuts, lean protein, clean carbohydrates, etc., for good health but rarely is the nutrient-packed powerhouse, the mushroom mentioned.

Medicinal mushrooms have found their way into high-end coffee shops and supermarkets alike, but using medicinal mushrooms is nothing new. They’ve been used for thousands of years. Indian texts dated 5,000 years in the past highlight the medicinal properties of mushrooms.

Simply stated, medicinal mushrooms are mushrooms that have therapeutic value in human health.

Why include medicinal mushrooms in your daily diet? Here is why:

1.    Increase Stamina and Endurance

By increasing the amount of time you are physically able to exercise, and at the level, your body can tolerate during a workout, will help you achieve your goals faster. Medicinal mushrooms aid in transporting oxygen flow from the lungs through the blood vessels to your muscles.  Cordyceps, Shitake, and Chaga mushrooms, for example, are known as the anti-aging mushroom because of their ability to transport oxygen more efficiently and to help produce ATP, the fuel our body runs on.

2.    Boost Metabolism

Mushrooms contain a considerable amount of vitamins B and D, which is what the body uses to convert glucose into fuel. They aid in metabolizing the fats and proteins in your diet.  Because of this, they help the body maintain a healthy and efficient metabolism.

3.    Reduce Inflammation

Mushrooms are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. They contain phenols, polysaccharides, ergothioneine, and other antioxidants. By reducing swelling, recovery time speeds up, thus boosting performance and overall stamina.  Turkey Tail, Reishi, Shitake, and Oyster mushrooms have the highest levels of anti-inflammatory properties.

4.    Increase Antioxidant Levels

High levels of free radicals’ damage various structures of our body’s cells and reduce cellular turnover, increasing the risk of developing problems, including those that are associated with recovery and aging.  Fortunately, scientists have discovered that mushrooms can fight free radicals draining your body of energy.

5.    Improve the Immune System

Cyclists are prone to having a compromised immune system as they travel to different environments without enough protection. After a session of strenuous exercise, athlete’s immune system is weakened. They are more vulnerable to viral & bacterial infections. Mushrooms contain beta-glucans which increase the immune system’s T-cell levels, leading to low inflammatory responses caused by stress/environmental factors.

6.    Enhance Mental Focus

Cyclists need to be mentally & physically strong. The potassium and selenium found in mushrooms increase brain function by increasing blood & oxygen flow to the brain, thus stimulating neural activity.

Facts to know

•   Mushrooms are nootropics i.e., medical and nutritional compounds that enhance cognitive function.

•  They produce a special class of polysaccharides called beta-glucans found in the cell walls of fungi. These natural chemicals stimulate the immune system, boosting the ability to defeat harmful pathogens.

•  Mushrooms contain Vitamin D – essential for bone health, blood pressure regulation, and nerve function. Though cyclists absorb enough vitamin D while on the track, it might get difficult in wintertime.

•  For all vegetarian cyclists, consuming mushrooms is extremely beneficial as it’s their only source of Vitamin B12 – a neuroprotective vitamin

It takes more than a dedicated body to achieve your fitness goals; it takes mental clarity and toughness, as well. Rooted Active Mushroom Extract powders are 100% plant-based supplements that helps enhance endurance, boost stamina, improve mental focus, and reduce inflammation.