direct sourcing from farmers

We source our mushrooms & herbs from farmers, cultivators & suppliers across India, after deep research on the production quality, lab reports, farming/cultivation methods and other important checks.  Uttarakhand, North East India, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Himachal are the few places where you will find locals cultivating medicinal mushrooms & herbs, on which their livelihood depends.  We at Rooted work with these local harvesters & suppliers to attain the best quality mushrooms & herbs.


extracting key bio compounds

Most Medicinal mushrooms & herbs cannot be directly consumed (i.e raw or powdered) due to their key compounds not being available through raw consumption.   We undertake an extraction process at our facilities in Nahan ( HP, India) wherein the mushrooms or herbs are powdered and then bio compounds extracted using water based extraction. The extracts are then converted back to a powdered form ( after due tests & reports), which are then blended or ready for final packaging


You can trust our products & be 100% assured of world class quality & guaranteed bio active nutrients in our products. We act with consciousness, utilize ethical practices and we only use completely Natural, Preservatives free & Non-GMO ingredients with sustainable methods.