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Our Frequently Asked Questions Come From You! We Love How Super-Curious Our Customers Are About Our superfoods, herbs & mushrooms &We Take Our Mission Of Sourcing them Very Seriously. All our COAs are transparently attached in each product page, please feel free to call us or email us with any questions that you may have and we promise to get back asap.

We specialize in sourcing world-class potent superfoods. Our mushrooms are from across India, Malaysia & China. Our Maca root comes from Peru and our ayurvedic superstars such as Ashwagandha& Curcumin come from the very best cultivators in India. We sell ayurvedic herbs, medicinal mushrooms & other superfoods and their blends in an easy, convenient manner.

Medicinal mushrooms are a group of functional mushrooms such as Reishi, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Chagaetc that dense in nutrients & bio active compounds that have health enhancing benefits and hence the term “ medicinal. These mushrooms have a long proven history of use for their medicinal properties across the world & especially in China, Japan and other Asian countries.

We source our Mushrooms & Herbs from farmers, Cultivators & Suppliers Across India&aborad, After deep research on the production, Quality, Lab Reports, Farming/Cultivation methods and other important checks. Currently our lions mane mushroom is imported from Malaysia and Chaga from China.

Extracts supplements involve extracting key bio active compounds from the herb or mushroom through different processes ( hot water extraction or dual extraction etc) and the extract liquid is converted into a tincture or powder. In case of powders, its simple powdering the dry herb or mushroom. Depending upon the herb/mushroom, its usage & bio availability of key nutrients/compounds we decide whether the best form is an extract or a powder. For example, to benefit from medicinal mushrooms the key compounds need to be extracted and simply powdering them will offer no benefits. Similarly our Maca is best consumed raw & gelatinized and not extracted.

Bio active compounds are those super nutritional compounds in superfoods, herbs, mushrooms etc that provide most health benefits. Examples include beta glucans, polysaccharides, terpenes etc.

Mushrooms are also a good source of vitamins with high levels of riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin, folates, and traces of vitamin C, B1, B12, D and E. Mushrooms are the only nonanimal food source that contains vitamin D and hence they are the only natural vitamin D ingredients for vegetarians.

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