Prduct Reviews

Upon a lot of research, I decided to add Rooted’s Reishi extract powder into my life. This product along with a diet plan has helped me cut my regular pills in half. Anyone interested in natural cardio health & blood pressure control should consider this product.

Paridhi / Gurgaon

I am simply obsessed with Rooted’s Turkey Tail extract. Pure fruit body extracts of Turkey tail has worked wonders for my digestion & stress levels. Its a known immune booster too, so a must have in these civid times!

Parika / Punjab

A friend advised me to look up Rooted’s range of functional mushroom powders. I have been using their 5 in 1 blend for the past 3 weeks and feel a definite change in my energy & stress levels! Loving it!

Kuber / Pune

This product is indeed magical. I and my Father have been using the 5 in 1 blend for the past 2 weeks with our afternoon coffee and can feel a noticeable change in my energy levels. There’s also been a tremendous improvement in our digestion/ gut health. I’d recommend giving the product a try.

Keshav / Delhi

Ancient medicines have always come to the rescue. During this harsh times, this is just what was needed. My blood sugar levels and cholesterol has been significantly benefited by Chaga extract.
Thanks for the great customer support as well.

Manish / Noida

Love that it goes with anything. I mix it in drinks, pasta sauce, salads. it’s great especially when you have a picky toddler. I mix the 5 in 1 super blend mushroom in his food daily and he loves it!

Shweta / West Bengal
I work as a Software application developer and every afternoon when my focus is dropping I take a cup of black coffee with Lion’s mane and it literally blows away the laziness and my focus shoots right back up. Thanks for an awesome product and super customer service!!
Tanveer / Bengaluru

We are using it for my wife who was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. The Turkey tail extract is turning out to be good. She takes it twice a day half tsp each in whatever meal shes taking.

Abhiveer / Tamil Nadu